This issue contains the study articles for July 3-30, 2017.

Helping “Foreign Residents” to “Serve Jehovah With Rejoicing”

How can you effectively share the good news with refugees who do not yet know Jehovah?

Helping the Children of “Foreign Residents”

If you are an immigrant parent, how can you give your children the best possible opportunity to learn about Jehovah? How can others help?


Being Deaf Has Not Held Me Back From Teaching Others

Walter Markin cannot hear, yet he has had a happy and rewarding life in service to Jehovah God.

Do Not Let Your Love Grow Cold

Some first-century Christians left the love they had at first. What can help us to keep our love for Jehovah strong?

“Do You Love Me More Than These?”

Jesus taught Simon Peter a valuable lesson about setting priorities. Can we apply that same lesson today?

How Gaius Helped His Brothers

Who was Gaius, and why do we need to imitate his example?

The Joy of Leading a Simple Life

What moved one couple to simplify their life? How did they do so? Why did their decision bring them joy?


“With More Zeal and Love in Our Hearts Than Ever Before”

After their 1922 convention, how did the Bible Students apply the counsel to “advertise the King and his kingdom”?