This issue contains the study articles for May 4-31, 2020.

Love and Appreciation for Jehovah Lead to Baptism

Love for Jehovah can motivate you to get baptized. But what might hold you back?

Are You Ready to Get Baptized?

Your answers to questions contained in this article will help you to decide.


“Here We Are! Send Us!”

Jack and Marie-Line explain what motivated them to take up full-time service and what helped them adapt to different circumstances after receiving new assignments.

When Is the Right Time to Speak?

Consider Scriptural examples that will help us know when to speak and when to be silent.

Love One Another Intensely

Jesus said that love is the identifying mark of true Christians. How does love help us to be peacemakers, to be impartial, and to be hospitable?

Did You Know?

What evidence exists outside the Bible that the Israelites were slaves in Egypt?

Questions From Readers

Who were the Jewish temple police? What were their duties?