This issue contains the study articles for July 31 to August 27, 2017.

Do You Remember?

Have you read the recent issues of the Watchtower magazine? See how many Bible-based questions you can answer.

Jehovah Provides Comfort in All Our Trials

What are some of the difficulties that Christians might face in marriage and family life today? And, if you are facing such problems, how can you find comfort from God?

Set Your Heart on Spiritual Treasures

What treasures should we cherish, and how can we do so?

Can You Look Beyond Outward Appearances?

What happened when one of Jehovah’s Witnesses patiently talked to a reclusive and obnoxious individual who lived on the street?

Will You Resolve Conflicts and Promote Peace?

People desperately need peace. Even so, when faced with threats to their position or pride, many start acting in a way that is not peaceable. How can you avoid such reactions?

“Blessed Be Your Good Sense!”

These words were spoken by David of ancient Israel in praise of Abigail. What prompted David to praise her, and how can we benefit from her example?

Keep Your Eyes on the Big Issue

What is this big issue that faces all mankind? Why is it important for you to be aware of it?

Uphold Jehovah’s Sovereignty!

What difference does it make to your life if you recognize Jehovah as the rightful ruler of the universe?

Did You Know?

Why did Jesus say that the merchants who sold animals in the temple were “robbers”?