This issue contains the study articles for September 2-29, 2019

Prepare Now for Persecution

What can we do to build up our courage and face opposers?

Keep Worshipping Jehovah When Under Ban

What should we do if the government bans our worship of Jehovah?

“Go . . . Make Disciples”

Why is disciple-making so important, and what practical suggestions will help us to carry out our mission?

Reaching the Hearts of Nonreligious People

How can we help nonreligious people learn to love God and become disciples of Christ?


Jehovah’s Blessings Surpassed All My Expectations

Manfred Tonak’s experience as a missionary in Africa has helped him to cultivate patience, contentment, and many other fine qualities.

Did Jesus Really Die for Me?

Have you ever struggled with low self-esteem? What can help you to combat such feelings?