This issue contains the study articles for August 28 to September 24, 2017.

They Offered Themselves Willingly​—In Turkey

In 2014, Turkey was the focus of a special preaching campaign. Why was the campaign organized? What were the results?

Seeking Riches That Are True

How can you use your possessions to strengthen your relationship with Jehovah?

“Weep With Those Who Weep”

How can a grieving person find comfort after the loss of a loved one? What can you do to help?

“Praise Jah!”​—Why?

Psalm 147 reminds us of many reasons we have to appreciate and thank our Creator.

“May He . . . Give Success to All Your Plans”

Young people have to decide how they will use their lives. That thought can be intimidating, but Jehovah will bless those who seek his advice.

Winning the Battle for Your Mind

Satan has launched a propaganda offensive. How can you resist it?

Questions From Readers

Would it be fitting for a Christian to keep a firearm, such as a handgun or a rifle, for protection against other humans?