This issue contains the study articles for February 4 to March 3, 2019.

“See You in Paradise!”

What does Paradise mean to you? Do you hope for it?

Questions From Readers

What is the meaning of the “third heaven” mentioned at 2 Corinthians 12:2?

Do You Remember?

Have you appreciated reading the recent issues of The Watchtower? See what you remember.

Honor “What God Has Yoked Together”

What is the only Scriptural basis for divorce and remarriage?

“Jehovah Has Dealt Kindly” With Us

Read the life story of Jean-Marie Bockaert, who served in the France branch office with his wife, Danièle, for over 50 years.

Young Ones, Your Creator Wants You to Be Happy

What four things can help a young person find happiness and success in life?

Young Ones, You Can Have a Satisfying Life

How can the words of Psalm 16 lead young ones to have a satisfying life now and in the future?

“The Righteous One Will Rejoice in Jehovah”

How can we maintain our joy even while facing discouraging circumstances?

Subject Index for The Watchtower and Awake! 2018

An index of all articles published in the 2018 Watchtower and Awake! listed by subject.