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Study Tip

Study Tip

Find Spiritual Gems About Jehovah

When we read the Bible, we can use various study tools to clarify what we read. Yet, we do well to search out more than just facts. We want to find spiritual gems about Jehovah’s personality that will increase our love for him. To do this, we can ask ourselves, ‘What does this Bible passage teach me about Jehovah?’

We can look for evidence of Jehovah’s outstanding attributes of love, wisdom, justice, and power. However, Jehovah’s personality is not limited to these attributes. It includes other appealing qualities. Where can you find more information about his qualities?

Review the list of over 50 additional qualities found in the Watch Tower Publications Index under the heading “Jehovah” and then the subheading “Qualities by Name.” Research the ones that fit the Bible account you are reading. (If you have access only to the Research Guide for Jehovah’s Witnesses, look under the heading “Jehovah God” and then the subheading “Jehovah’s Qualities.”)