This issue contains the study articles for June 4 to July 8, 2018.

The Way to True Freedom

Some people long to be free from oppression, discrimination, and poverty, while others demand freedom of speech or freedom of choice. Is real freedom possible?

Serve Jehovah, the God of Freedom

How has Jehovah’s spirit liberated us? And how can we avoid misusing God-given freedom?

Appointed Men​—Learn From Timothy

It seems that Timothy lacked self-confidence when he began working with the apostle Paul. What can congregation elders and ministerial servants learn from Timothy’s example?

Imitating Jehovah​—A God Who Gives Encouragement

Jehovah’s people have always needed encouragement.

Encourage One Another “All the More So”

In view of the closeness of Jehovah’s day, we need to be interested in our brothers so that we can strengthen them whenever needed.

Young People, Are You Focused on Spiritual Goals?

Youths may feel overwhelmed by the opportunities and decisions that confront them. How can they choose wisely concerning their future?

Questions From Readers

Why is it not permissible to post publications of Jehovah’s Witnesses on a personal website or social media?

Questions From Readers

What explains the New World Translation’s adjusted rendering of Psalm 144?