THE WATCHTOWER No. 4 2016 | The Bible​—A Story of Survival

Over the centuries, all kinds of threats could have destroyed the Bible or its message. Why is its survival significant?


A Story That Matters

No other book has shaped the beliefs of so many people over such a long period of time. But can the Bible be trusted?


The Bible Survived Decay

Bible writers and copyists used parchments and papyrus to record the Bible’s message. How have such ancient writings survived until our day?


The Bible Survived Opposition

Political and religious leaders have tried to prevent people from owning, translating, or reproducing the Bible. None succeeded.


The Bible Survived Attempts to Alter Its Message

Some unscrupulous individuals have tried to alter the Bible’s message. How have their efforts been detected and foiled?


Why the Bible Has Survived

What makes this book so special?

Did You Know?

What was unusual about Jesus’ dealings with lepers? On what grounds did Jewish religious leaders grant a divorce?

Is a World Free of Violence Possible?

Individuals have been helped to abandon their violent ways. What motivated them can also motivate others.


I Failed Many Times Before I Succeeded

How did one man overcome his addiction to pornography and gain peace of mind?

The Most Useful Comparison You May Ever Make

Thousands of Christian denominations are divided by conflicting doctrines and differing views. So how can you determine who is teaching the truth?

What Does the Bible Say?

Could God be using some faith-based organization to draw people to him?

More Online Features

Is the Bible a Record of God’s Thoughts?

Many Bible writers credited God for what they wrote. Why?