THE WATCHTOWER No. 2 2016 | Why Did Jesus Suffer and Die?

What relevance does the execution of one man, some 2,000 years ago, have for you?


Did It Really Happen?

What gives the Gospel accounts about Jesus the ring of truth?


Why Did Jesus Suffer and Die?

How can his death benefit you?

Should Christians Worship at Shrines?

Many of the world’s major religions have shrines. Does worship at them have particular merit?

Heeding Advance Warning Can Save Your Life!

Bible prophecies provide clear signs of impending disaster. Will you act on them?

Chapters and Verses​—Who Put Them in the Bible?

Why did this numbering system catch on?

What Does the Bible Say?

Can the Devil control people?

More Online Features

Did Jesus Die on a Cross?

Many people view the cross as a symbol of Christianity. Should we use it in worship?