This issue contains the study articles for May 4 to 31, 2015.


We Found a More Rewarding Career

David and Gwen Cartwright were once dance partners in ballet but now use their feet together in a better way.

“This Is the Way You Approved”

Why have our publications in recent years often given simpler, clearer explanations of some Bible accounts?

Will You “Keep on the Watch”?

Read this clarified understanding of Jesus’ parable of the ten virgins, which focuses on the parable’s simple, urgent message.

Questions From Readers

In the past, our publications often mentioned types and antitypes, but in recent years they have seldom done so. Why is that?

Learn From the Illustration of the Talents

This article refines our understanding of the parable of the talents.

Loyally Supporting Christ’s Brothers

How do those whom Christ judges to be sheep support his brothers?

Marry “Only in the Lord”—Still Realistic?

Those determined to follow God’s counsel bring joy to his heart and spiritual blessings to themselves.