This issue describes exciting events in Psalm 45. It also helps us to appreciate Jehovah God as our Provider, Protector, and best Friend.

Hail Christ—The Glorious King!

What meaning do the exciting events described in Psalm 45 have for us today?

Rejoice Over the Marriage of the Lamb!

Who is the bride, and how has Christ been preparing her for the wedding? Who will share in rejoicing over the marriage?

The Widow of Zarephath Was Rewarded for Her Faith

The resurrection of the widow’s son was one of the most faith-strengthening events in her life. What lessons can we learn from her?

Jehovah—Our Provider and Protector

Appreciate Jehovah God as our heavenly Father. Learn how to strengthen your relationship with God as a Grand Provider and Protector.

Jehovah—Our Best Friend

Consider the examples of Abraham and Gideon, close friends of Jehovah God. What requirements must we meet in order to become Jehovah’s friend?

Questions From Readers

What basis did first-century Jews have to be “in expectation” of the Messiah?

“Gaze Upon the Pleasantness of Jehovah”

King David of ancient Israel appreciated God’s arrangement for true worship. How can we take delight in true worship today?


A 100-Year-Old Epic of Faith

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the premiere of the “Photo-Drama of Creation,” designed to build faith in the Bible as the Word of God.