How can we show appreciation for God’s patience as we wait for Jehovah to act against this wicked system? How do Jehovah and Jesus shepherd their earthly flock today?

“Be Vigilant With a View to Prayers”

Why should true Christians pray continually? Who benefit when you pray for others?

How We Can Help to Meet the Needs of Others

Learn how contributions to the worldwide work of Jehovah’s Witnesses help care for the physical and spiritual needs of others.

How Can We Maintain “a Waiting Attitude”?

What events will signal the end of our period of waiting for Jehovah to act against this wicked system? How can we show appreciation for God’s patience?


Serving God Is His Medicine!

Onesmus was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease. How have God’s promises recorded in the Bible encouraged him?

Seven Shepherds, Eight Dukes—What They Mean for Us Today

How did Hezekiah, Isaiah, Micah, and the princes of Jerusalem prove to be fine shepherds? Who today correspond to the seven shepherds and eight dukes?

Obey Jehovah’s Shepherds

Overseers have been appointed by holy spirit to shepherd the congregation of God. Why should the sheep listen to them?

Shepherds, Imitate the Greatest Shepherds

When a member of the congregation is in need of spiritual help, what assistance can the elders provide? How can elders imitate the greatest Shepherds, Jehovah and Jesus Christ?


“I Was Like a Turtle in Its Shell”

Late in 1929, the global economic system crashed into the Great Depression. How did full-time preachers manage during that crisis?