This issue considers the special heritage we have as Jehovah’s people. Also, find out how we can stay within Jehovah’s protection.

This Is Our Spiritual Heritage

Strengthen your appreciation for our spiritual heritage by reviewing what Jehovah has done for mankind and his people.

Do You Appreciate Our Spiritual Heritage?

Knowing and appreciating our spiritual heritage can help you be determined to maintain your integrity to God.

The Praetorian Guard Receives a Witness

Paul witnessed on every occasion. See how his example can encourage you to do the same.

Stay in Jehovah’s Valley of Protection

What is the valley of protection and how can Jehovah’s worshippers get protection there?

Beware of the Intentions of the Heart

Sometimes our heart tries to justify a wrong course of action. What can help us to know what is really in our heart?

Let Nothing Hinder You From Taking Hold of Glory

How can you receive glory from God? What could hinder you from taking hold of it?

She Belonged to the Family of Caiaphas

The discovery of Miriam’s ossuary provides evidence that the Bible speaks of real people who belonged to real families.


The “Unforgettable” Came Just in Time

Discover how the new “Creation Drama” helped the Witnesses in Germany face tests of faith during World War II.