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You Can Know the Future!

You Can Know the Future!

 You Can Know the Future!

Most people think seriously about the future. They like to plan, to invest wisely, and to feel secure. But is there any way to be sure about what tomorrow holds?

IN AN effort to find out what the future holds, humans have experimented with all kinds of things. Social scientists called futurologists analyze current trends and make their forecasts on the basis of these. Economists do likewise in their own field. Astrologers and diviners look to horoscopes, crystal balls, and the occult, and they have a huge following. For example, French astrologer Nostradamus continues to be popular, though he has been dead for centuries.

All of these would-be prophets have proved to be most unreliable and disappointing. Why? Because they ignore Jehovah God and his Word, the Bible. For this reason they fail to answer such basic questions as these: ‘Why can I be sure that the things foretold in the Bible are going to happen? How do they fit into God’s purpose for humans? How can my family and I benefit from these prophecies?’ The Bible answers these questions.

Bible prophecy is also superior in many other ways. Unlike astrological predictions, it allows for personal free will. Hence, nobody is a victim of fate. (Deuteronomy 30:19) Writings such as those of Nostradamus are morally void, and they cover this void with mystery and sensationalism. But Bible prophecy has a firm moral basis. It explains why God is going to do as he has purposed. (2 Chronicles 36:15) And Jehovah’s prophecies never fail, for “God . . . cannot lie.” (Titus 1:2) Thus, individuals guided by God’s Word live enlightened, purposeful, and happy lives without squandering their precious time and resources on futile pursuits.​—Psalm 25:12, 13.

These and many other points have been discussed at the 1999/2000 “God’s Prophetic Word” District Conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses held around the world. Talks, interviews, demonstrations, and a Bible drama have drawn the attention of the audience to the wonderful spiritual heritage enjoyed by those who study and apply God’s prophetic word. The following article will review some exciting convention highlights.