AWAKE! May 2014 | Stress—Keys to Managing It

Stress can actually be useful, but only if it is managed properly.

Watching the World

Subjects include: an area where more than 100 new species are identified each year, a recommended limit on TV watching for children, and the progress—or lack of it—in producing clean energy.


Stress—Keys to Managing It

Practical tips from the Bible can help you to manage stress caused by four common sources.


How to Teach Teens Internet Safety

How can you move beyond rules and help your teen make wise decisions on his own?


A Consultant Surgeon Explains His Faith

For many years, Dr. Guillermo Perez believed in evolution, but now he is convinced that our body was designed by God. What made him change his mind?

The European Witch Hunts

An ugly and paranoid era was marked by “the most vicious . . . and damaging book in all of world literature.”



Not all forms of meditation are equal.

Wisdom Is Calling Out—Can You Hear It?

True wisdom will solve mankind’s problems.

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Some young people are granted more freedom than others. What makes the difference?

What if My Parents Are Divorcing?

How can you let go of sadness, anger and resentment?

What Young People Say About Body Image

Why can it be challenging for young people to maintain a balanced view of their physical appearance? What can help?

Moses Grows Up in Egypt

Why did Moses’ mother put him in the Nile River? Learn more about him, his family, and Pharaoh’s daughter.