AWAKE! December 2012 | Whatever Happened to Patience?

This series takes an in-depth look at the growing prevalence of impatience. What is causing it and why is it harmful?


Whatever Happened to Patience?

Some experts believe people are less patient because of technology. Why?


Impatience Can Be Harmful

Impatience can cost you more than just money. Discover six ways it can negatively affect your life.


How to Be More Patient

Conquer impatience and its negative consequences with these four simple steps.


Does God Use Natural Disasters to Punish Mankind Today?

Many believe God uses natural disasters as a form of punishment today, but what pattern is found in the Scriptures?

The Cow With Two Woolly Coats

Unique among cattle, the highlander has a double coat of hair.

A Dictionary 90 Years in the Making

The 26-part Assyrian Dictionary has more than 9,700 pages! It is a key to understanding ancient Mesopotamia.


What Is a Real Man?

What does it mean to be a “real man,” and how can you become one regardless of your circumstances?

The Caucasus—A “Mountain of Languages”

The Caucasian languages represent a long history, rich culture, and wide variety of ethnic groups.

The Bible—A Book of Accurate Prophecy—Part 8

What is the Kingdom for which so many pray, and what will its coming mean for you?

“Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!”

Find out how you can eliminate bedbugs and prevent them from returning.

Watching the World

Subjects include: A green wall across Africa, why we yawn, and cancer survivors in the U.S.

Subject Index for 2012 Awake!

An index of all articles published in the 2012 Awake! listed by subject.

For Family Review

This month learn about Abraham and the things he did to make others feel welcome, Samson, and Jehovah’s Witnesses in Mexico.