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Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy

Taking care of your health can improve your performance at school​—and your quality of life.

IT ONLY makes sense to take care of the body that God gave you. (Psalm 139:14) To illustrate: Imagine that you own a car, but you never take time to maintain it. The car will only go so far before it breaks down. The same can happen to your body. What kind of “maintenance” do you need?


Skimping on sleep can make you look haggard and leave you feeling lethargic, confused, and even depressed. In contrast, getting sufficient rest will give you more energy. It can also accelerate your physical growth, improve your brain function, boost your immune system, and enhance your emotional well-being. That is quite a return for something that requires so little effort!

Tip: If possible, try to go to bed at the same time each night.


Teens grow rapidly. Between the ages of 10 and 17, for example, most boys double their lean body weight. Girls experience a growth spurt too. Growing bodies need plenty of raw materials and energy. Make sure that you give your body the nutrition it needs.

Tip: Do not skip breakfast. ‘Fueling up’ before class can help you improve your concentration and your short-term memory.


The Bible acknowledges that “exercise is good for your body.” (1 Timothy 4:8, Contemporary English Version) It can strengthen your muscles and bones, improve your stamina, control your weight, increase your mental capabilities, boost your immunity, alleviate stress, and lift your mood. Of course, exercise can also be fun, since it can include activities you enjoy!

The bottom line: Adequate sleep, balanced nutrition, and moderate exercise will help you keep your “engine” running. And that, in turn, will help you upgrade your performance in the classroom. *

Why not get started? Establish a reasonable exercise routine. Track your sleeping habits and diet for a month, and note any improvements you need to make.

“When I go for a walk, I seem to get more energy​—even if I was tired when I started out.”​—Jason, New Zealand.

“My thinking is, God made food to fuel our bodies, and I want to put the best fuel in me!”​—Jill, United States.

“I run three times a week, and I bike or walk twice a week. Exercise gives me more energy and releases stress.”​—Grace, Australia.

^ par. 9 For more information on your health, see chapter 10 of the book Questions Young People Ask​—Answers That Work, Volume 1, published by Jehovah’s Witnesses.