AWAKE! September 2012 | Doomsday—​Fact, Fiction, and Fantasy

Doomsday scenarios about the end of the world are not new. What are the facts and what does the Bible say?


The Fascination With Doomsday

There are numerous predictions about the end of the world. Are they fact, fiction or fantasy?


Doomsday Fears Loom Large

Consider six scenarios that people fear could bring doom to civilization as we know it.


Doomsday May Not Be What You Think

According to the Bible a great change is coming. What lies ahead?


What Can I Expect From Marriage?​—Part 1

What kinds of benefits and challenges can you realistically expect from marriage?

The Bible​—A Book of Accurate Prophecy—​Part 5

Jesus spent his life declaring “the good news of the kingdom.” Did his message die with him?

A Closer Look at Today’s Zoos

Learn what a modern zoo can offer you and what they do to protect endangered species.


Fish Schooling

What can fish teach us about how to reduce car crashes?


Do You Need Organized Religion?

Why have many people abandoned organized religions? How does God want to be worshipped?

Medieval Masters of Medicine

Learn how medical discoveries and inventions by such men as Avicenna contributed to the foundation of today’s modern medicine.

Medical Alternatives to Blood Transfusions

Read how leading experts from over 40 countries responded to information on medical alternatives to blood transfusions.

Watching the World

Subjects include: Medical tourism in Asia, multitasking, passive smoking, deaths caused by earthquakes, and Russia’s high suicide rate.

The Versatile Lemon

You can eat it, drink its juice, and extract essential oil from it. Learn more about this versatile fruit.

For Family Review

This month learn about a grateful leper, Moses, and Jehovah’s Witnesses in Madagascar.