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“You Have Kept a Positive Spirit”

“You Have Kept a Positive Spirit”

“You Have Kept a Positive Spirit”

● Camila suffers from anemia, neurological problems, and growth dysfunction. Consequently, at eight years of age, she was only 30 inches (75 cm) tall. Camila’s parents, who are Jehovah’s Witnesses, decided to take her to a medical conference that was being held at a local theater in their hometown in Argentina. They sat in the second row, and 500 people were in attendance.

During a lecture, the speaker, who was a doctor, pointed to Camila as an example of someone who appeared to have good health. Unaware of the girl’s age and medical condition, he asked: “How old is the baby?”

“Eight years old,” said Camila’s mother, Marisa.

“Did you say eight months old?” the doctor replied.

“No, eight years old,” affirmed Marisa.

Intrigued, the doctor invited mother and daughter up onto the stage to answer some questions. After Marisa described the studies that physicians had done on Camila and the treatments they had tried, the doctor said: “There are mothers who cry because their children have a common flu. But after seven years of treatments and after having done all that is possible for Camila, you have kept a positive spirit. How have you done that?”

In response to this kind invitation, Marisa told the audience about her Bible-based hope of a righteous new world in which all forms of sickness and suffering, as well as even death itself, will cease to be. (Isaiah 33:24; Revelation 21:3, 4) Finally, Marisa described the worldwide brotherhood that Jehovah’s Witnesses enjoy and explained how their love for one another helps the Witnesses cope with trials and other difficulties that arise in life.​—John 13:35.

When the program concluded, a woman approached Marisa and asked her to tell her more about the points she had discussed. Eager to learn, the woman accepted a free home Bible study, which Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide offer to people who sincerely want to understand the Bible and God’s wonderful purpose for mankind.

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Eight-year-old Camila with her mother, Marisa