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From Our Readers

From Our Readers

From Our Readers

Diabetes Thank you with all my heart for the series “Living With Diabetes.” (May 8, 2003) I have struggled with diabetes since I was four years old. I always thought that things like marriage and the full-time ministry were out of the question for me, but these articles gave me hope. Now, at 17, I am making the full-time ministry my goal, and I will do my best to attain it.

T. A., Japan

I consider extremely useful the suggestion made to family and friends not to encourage those with diabetes to eat inappropriate foods. It is a struggle to cook for my family and then not be able to eat the things that I have prepared. For any who do not have diabetes, this might seem like a matter of little importance, but I can assure you that it is not!

V. N., Italy

I am a nurse and a teacher. At the beginning of the next term, I will be teaching my students about diabetes. The illustration on pages 8 and 9 is easy to understand, and I will use it in my teaching. Thank you for publishing simplified articles on medical subjects.

C. B., France

Thank you for the articles on diabetes. I do not have this illness, but my 14-year-old sister does. Now I understand what my sister experiences. It is true that I have to make sacrifices for her, but that is not as challenging as living with diabetes!

E.D.M., Italy

My mother has had diabetes for five years. I often worry about her health, since I live far away. I plan to send her a copy of this magazine. It may help when I am not present.

R. W., Indonesia

Injury I enjoyed reading “How An Injury Changed My Life.” (April 22, 2003) This article is helping me to cope with my back injury of more than 30 years. I experienced many of the same things that Brother Stanley Ombeva did. It comforted me to know that God’s Word helps one to rely on Jehovah.

G. G., United States

I was so touched by Brother Ombeva’s candid portrayal of his reaction to his physical disabilities. I was humbled into realizing how insignificant my problems are compared with what he has to face. This article has helped me to count my blessings.

S. C., Canada

Phenomenal! That’s the word I have to use to describe this article. I couldn’t put it down. It was thought provoking to see how the Scriptures took on a whole new meaning for Brother Ombeva when he needed them the most. That will help me to have more fellow feeling when offering assistance to others.

R. G., United States

I was encouraged to know that even a Christian who serves as a congregation elder has felt this type of anger and recognizes that it takes time to cope with a situation like this. Brother Ombeva related that even during the height of his affliction, he never became irregular in the ministry. I am resolved to do the same.

M. K., Japan

I fell so many times when I was younger that now I am suffering. I have constant pain, difficulty walking, and low energy. My limitations in the Christian ministry make me feel miserable. But to read of how Brother Ombeva dealt with his problem has helped me. Thank you so much!

E. E., United States