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From Our Readers

From Our Readers

From Our Readers

Proof of Creation Working among scientists for many years, I was always irritated by their claims that belief in creation was too simplistic. The series “Seeing More Than Your Eyes Can See” (August 22, 2000) is the perfect answer to such claims. In just a few pages, you provided convincing proof of creation. Awake! is to be commended for the caliber of its writing and research.

B. E., New Zealand

I am studying the Bible with Jehovah’s Witnesses, and my faith in God’s existence was definitely strengthened when I considered the information about atoms, cells, and DNA.

T. K., Japan

Now I can explain why we have rainbows, why grass is green, and what an atom is! Although Awake! is not a science magazine, it points to scientific evidence that supports belief in a Creator.

M. F., United States

Recovery Without Blood Transfusion The article “A Matter of Conscience” (August 22, 2000) touched me deeply. I found myself in exactly the same situation when I was given a diagnosis of acute promyelocytic leukemia. What happened to me thereafter was almost identical to what happened to Darlene. I was told that I had only a few days to live. That was three years ago.

A. B., Germany

Sexual Harassment I would like to express my appreciation for the article “Young People Ask . . . How Can I Deal With Sexual Harassment?” (August 22, 2000) In school they used to call me a flood of names because I didn’t indulge in immoral behavior. After finishing high school, I thought the harassment would stop, but a number of girls have made suggestive comments to me. Letting my Christian beliefs become common knowledge has helped me to resist such advances. Thank you for providing us with this spiritual food.

H. C., Zambia

The article has been a big help. A boy in my third-grade class won’t stop looking at me. Now I know just what to do.

H. K., United States

It came at exactly the right time! I am suffering sexual harassment at my workplace. I was getting emotionally drained. Just when I was ready to break down, this article popped up. Now I know how to deal with the people at work.

L. T., United States

Russian City Since my company has international business, I enjoy reading articles about various countries. A coworker has a son living in Russia, so I told her about the article “A Visit to ‘Russia’s Oldest City.’” (August 22, 2000) She was thrilled to receive it, and after reading it she asked for another copy of Awake! I gave her the May 22, 2000, issue with the article “A Unique Clock in Prague.” This led her to accept a subscription to Awake! Thanks for providing such valuable information.

S. O., United States

Watery Goulash? I thought that I would try the recipe for Hungarian goulash in the article “The Spice That Came From Halfway Around the World.” (September 8, 2000) Everything was going great until it said to add two quarts of water. My goulash looked like soup instead of the stew that the picture shows. Did I misunderstand the recipe?

L. P., Canada

No, we erred in calling it a stew, since the recipe is actually for a Hungarian goulash soup. Some cookbooks suggest using less water than we recommended. Interestingly, though, some readers tried the recipe and have written to say how much they enjoyed it!—ED.