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A Tool for Teaching Human Rights

A Tool for Teaching Human Rights

 A Tool for Teaching Human Rights

SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD student Rut Jiménez Gila, who lives in Granada, Spain, was invited by her teacher to write an essay on human rights. Several weeks after completing the assignment, she was informed by the European examining body in Brussels, Belgium, that she had been chosen, along with several other students from Spain, to represent her country. She subsequently wrote the following letter to the publishers of Awake! magazine.

“I needed up-to-date information regarding human rights, and the ‘Awake!’ issue of November 22, 1998, ‘Will There Ever Be Human Rights for All?,’ provided exactly what I was looking for. To illustrate abuses of human rights, I also selected information from other ‘Awake!’ articles on the future of women and on the Holocaust. [See issues of April 8, 1998, and August 8, 1998.] During my research I realized that ‘Awake!’ contained information that I could not find in other magazines or reference works. The photographs also impressed me, and I included some of them in my report.

“Because of my prize-winning essay, I spent a week in Finland, where I was able to talk further about human rights and explain the value of the ‘Awake!’ in highlighting important issues such as this one.

“Many, many thanks for always being the first to inform us about world events. May Jehovah continue to bless you, so that millions of people can continue to benefit from this information.”

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Rut and her certificate of participation