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From Our Readers

From Our Readers

 From Our Readers

Unhealthy Life-Styles Over the past few months, my health has been very poor, so it was heartening to learn that we can improve our health by changing our life-style. Reading through the series “Is Your Life-Style Killing You?” (July 8, 1999) made me see that I need to reduce my intake of certain foods and to have a more balanced diet that includes more fruits and vegetables.

E.P.M., Brazil

Delayed Reaction I was encouraged by the article “Seeds That Bore Fruit Many Years Later.” (July 8, 1999) This is my third year of service as a full-time evangelizer, and when I don’t get the results I hope for, I get disappointed and lose the will to continue. Reading this article has helped me to do my best now, leaving the results up to Jehovah.

T. N., Japan

Taunted I enjoyed the June 22, 1999, article “Young People Ask . . . How Can I Cope With Being Taunted?” Ever since kindergarten, schoolmates have asked me questions about my beliefs. Sometimes the way they ask hurts my feelings. Many times I have almost lost my patience. I realize now that these are just tests of faith. Besides, there are others in school to whom I have witnessed successfully.

L. C., United States

I too have been ridiculed for refusing to celebrate certain religious holidays or to share in patriotic ceremonies. I have also been harassed for being honest and for upholding the Bible’s moral standards. Taking in accurate knowledge has helped me make a defense. This helps me to speak up without feeling shy about revealing my beliefs.

H. C., Zambia

Although I’m long past being a teen—I’m over 50!—I appreciated the article. There are times when the opposition we meet in the ministry takes us aback and we may feel like retaliating. That’s why I appreciated the reminder that “an insulting comeback, no matter how witty it may seem, will only add fuel to the fire and may even encourage further taunts.” I try to make a defense without appearing to be retaliatory, and this reminder convinced me of the need to continue to do so.

A. F., United States

Live Longer I am compelled to respond to your very fine series entitled “How to Live Longer and Feel Better.” (July 22, 1999) I finally have an explanation for the difference between average life span and life expectancy that I can wrap my brain around. Also, the good advice on how to curb the ravages of aging are reminders that I can use tactfully to help my 88-year-old grandfather, who fights bouts of self-pity.

T. N., United States

Hearing Dog I want to thank you for the article “My Dog Hears for Me!” (July 22, 1999) Knowing that people with hearing problems have to face such serious difficulties has helped me to be more understanding toward them. I also love dogs, and I was happy to learn how they can give help and support to many people.

L. B., Italy

I too have an assistance canine. I spend much of my time in a wheelchair, as I have a fused spine and fibromyalgia. There are not enough words to describe all the things my dog does for me. She helps me when I shop or clean the house. She even helps me in the Christian ministry by carrying my literature.

K. W., United States