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From Our Readers

From Our Readers

 From Our Readers

Too Short? I’m a neurosurgeon, and I noticed something wrong with a picture that appeared in the article “Your Brain—A Marvel of Intricacy.” (May 8, 1999) You showed a cross section of the brain with a dotted line pointing to the pituitary gland. It appears to me that the line is too short and that this line is pointing toward the optic chiasma.

A. W., Japan

Our sharp-eyed reader is correct, and we apologize for the error.—ED.

Hurricane Mitch Thank you for the stirring article “Rescue From the Killer Storm!” (June 8, 1999) I often receive information via E-mail regarding disasters that have afflicted our brothers, but I never know how much of the information is reliable. The way the information was presented in the article was very encouraging and upbuilding. It served as a sober reminder of the critical times in which we live.

C. P., United States

I realize that many lost all their belongings in this catastrophe, but it was thrilling to read about our worldwide brotherhood going into action, even in the face of great danger. The picture of the brother in front of his destroyed home gave me food for thought. What right do I have to complain about things?

R.C.N., Brazil

Guarana Your article “Coffee, Tea, or Guarana?” (June 8, 1999) was enlightening. As a full-time minister serving along the banks of the Amazon River, I work near areas where guarana is cultivated. I often see it being prepared. The next time somebody offers me guarana, I know what my answer will be.

J.R.S.M., Brazil

Universe I want to thank you very much for the series “Our Universe—Made for a Purpose?” (June 22, 1999) As an amateur astronomer, I loved these articles. The wonderful spectacle that takes place every night invites us to reflect on the immense power, knowledge, and love of our Creator.

V. V., Spain

The articles were easy to understand, even for the nonscientific mind. Thank you for helping me to get to know Jehovah better. After 58 years of marriage, my wife recently died. So this enlightening understanding of our Creator couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time in my life.

F. W., United States

Women Construction Workers Thank you so much for the article “The Women Have Had a Large Share.” (June 22, 1999) About a year ago, I moved from California to Thailand. We recently had the privilege of constructing our own Kingdom Hall. Like the women in Zimbabwe, our sisters helped mix cement, tie steel rods, lay tile, and care for numerous other construction jobs. With Jehovah’s help we got the work done in about three months. Thank you for acknowledging the share women have had in the worldwide construction work.

R. G., Thailand

My parents and I had the opportunity to help at a quickly built Kingdom Hall project for the first time. You can imagine how happy I was when I saw how women all over the world are contributing to the worldwide construction of branch offices and Kingdom Halls of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Construction projects like the one in Zimbabwe are preparation for the work we will do in the new world. If we can enjoy such projects now, imagine what it will be like when all mankind is perfect and united in serving Jehovah!

S.W.S., Brazil