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“The Finest Magazines Available”

“The Finest Magazines Available”

 “The Finest Magazines Available”

THE EDITORS of Awake! recently received a letter from Lisel, an 18-year-old high school student in the United States. She wrote:

“I am enrolled in a college-level history course. There is an extensive research paper required, and I have chosen to write mine on the subject of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ moral resistance to Nazism in Germany under the Third Reich. I would like to request the list of references offered at the close of the Awake! article entitled ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses—Courageous in the Face of Nazi Peril,’ which was in the issue of July 8, 1998. The article was thoroughly researched and was written with such logic that if I write my paper with only half of its passion and truth, the final product will be a great witness to the board that will assess my work.

“Thank you for continuing to produce the finest magazines available. In each issue, I receive ‘writing lessons’ superior to anything offered at my school, and this keeps me aiming higher with each paper I write. Please know that I appreciate your effort.”

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Center photo: Państwowe Muzeum Oświęcim-Brzezinka, courtesy of the USHMM Photo Archives