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AWAKE! No. 4 2017 | Are You Doing Too Much?

Today, many people are extremely busy, to the point that sometimes relationships are strained and families suffer.

How can we be balanced in our use of time?

A wise man once wrote: “Better is a handful of rest than two handfuls of hard work and chasing after the wind.”​—Ecclesiastes 4:6.

This issue of Awake! provides practical suggestions on making wise use of our time, which includes setting practical priorities.



Are You Doing Too Much?

Many people find it hard to meet the demands of both their work and their homelife. What is causing the problem? What can be done to alleviate it?

The Amazing Arctic Tern

It was believed that the arctic tern flew about 22,000 miles on its annual migration between the Arctic and Antarctic. Yet that is only part of this bird’s amazing story.

‘A Good Name Is Better Than Great Wealth’

It is possible to enjoy a good name and the respect of others. But how?


When the Children Are Gone

Some couples face big challenges when their children grow up and leave home. What can parents do to adjust to the “empty nest”?


A Brain Pathologist Explains His Faith

Professor Rajesh Kalaria talks about his work and faith. What stimulated his interest in science? What caused him to question the origin of life?



Broken marriages, ill health, and pangs of conscience are just some of the consequences of giving in to temptation. How can you avoid this snare?


The Brilliant Blue of the Pollia Berry

This berry contains no blue pigment, yet it exhibits the most intense blue known in any plant. What is the secret behind its brilliant color?

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Wise advice from the Bible has already helped millions of men and women to have happiness at home.

Monica Richardson: A Physician Explains Her Faith

She questioned whether birth was a miracle or if it had a designer. What conclusion did she draw from her experience as a physician?