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AWAKE! No. 2 2020 | 5 Questions About Suffering Answered

At some point, everyone is affected by tragedy​—perhaps an illness, an accident, a natural disaster, or an act of violence.

People search for answers.

  • Some attribute suffering to fate or in some other way feel that we have little control over what happens to us.

  • Others believe in karma. They say that we suffer because of something bad that we did earlier in life or in a past life.

Tragedy often leaves people with more questions than answers.

What Some Believe

Compare how different religions view the reasons for suffering.

1 Is God to Blame for Our Suffering?

People have been deceived by teachings that misrepresent God. What is the truth?

2 Are We to Blame for Our Own Suffering?

If the answer is yes, then it might be in our power to reduce our suffering.

3 Why Do Good People Suffer?

The Bible helps us to understand the answer.

4 Were We Meant to Suffer?

Would a God who created such beauty in the world consign us to a life of suffering? If not, what went wrong?

5 Will Suffering Ever End?

The Bible tells us exactly how God will eliminate suffering.

Help Is Available

Even if our problems seem unsolvable, there is a reliable guide that can help.