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Keep Using the Magazines

Keep Using the Magazines

Since 2018, our public magazines have featured just one subject per issue. All of these magazines are part of our Teaching Toolbox. So we may use them in the ministry. We might also carry a few issues with us while traveling or shopping. The magazines are not designed to study the Bible with people, but they can awaken someone’s spiritual interest.

After starting a conversation, share a scripture and mention a magazine subject that may appeal to the person. For instance, if he is raising a family or coping with grief or stress, you might say: “I recently read a good article on that subject. May I show you?” If you detect interest, you can either give him a printed copy of the magazine or send him an electronic copy, even on the initial call. Although placing literature is not our principal goal, the magazines may help us find those who are willing to act on what they learn.​—Ac 13:48.





What subjects interest people in your territory?