Real Faith​—Your Key to a Happy Life

This brochure explores how people of different lands can attain happiness by deepening their faith.


Millions of people have found satisfying answers to perplexing questions.


Does God Care About Us?

Today’s world is full of problems. You too may face daily worries. Who can help us? Does anyone care?


What Is Real Faith?

Millions of people believe in God yet deliberately do wicked deeds. So real faith must mean more than simply believing that God exists.


Practical Counsel That Improves Lives

The Holy Scriptures contain wise advice that can help you resolve marriage problems, control anger, overcome drug abuse, conquer racial prejudice, abandon violence, and more.


Who Is God?

People worship many gods, but the Holy Scriptures teach that there is only one true God.


Appreciating God’s Matchless Qualities

The Holy Scriptures reveal God’s many wonderful characteristics, enabling us to get to know him.


What Is God’s Purpose for the Earth?

The Holy Scriptures say that God did not create the earth “simply for nothing,” but “to be inhabited.” But are current conditions the way he wanted things to be?


What God Promised Through the Prophets

Blessings for all nations of the earth!


The Messiah Appears

The Scriptures record his life and teachings.


Learning From Messiah the Leader

God knows what kind of leader we really need and chose the best Leader possible.


Exposing the Enemy of Faith

An angel becomes a resister against God.


Showing Real Faith Today

Jesus taught that people with real faith would produce “fine fruit,” or good qualities. What are some of those qualities?


Show That You Have Real Faith!

What practical steps can you take?


Real Faith Leads to Everlasting Happiness

The Scriptures contain a thrilling promise that involves you.