Listen to God and Live Forever

The Creator wants to guide, protect, and bless us.


Because of his love for mankind, God teaches us the best way to live.

How Do We Listen to God?

We have to know what to do and who can help us do it.

Who Is the True God?

We can learn his name and discover some of his qualities.

What Was Life Like in Paradise?

The first part of the Bible describes it.

The Great Flood​—Who Listened? Who Did Not?

What difference became clear in people’s attitudes?

What Do We Learn From the Great Flood?

It is not just ancient history.

Who Was Jesus?

Why is it important to know about him?

What Does the Death of Jesus Mean for You?

It makes wonderful blessings possible.

When Will Paradise Come?

The Bible foretells events that would happen when the time is near.

What Blessings Await Those Who Listen to God?

Things that you will not want to miss.

Does Jehovah Listen to Us?

What kind of things could you talk to him about?

How Can You Have a Happy Family Life?

The Creator of the family gives the very best advice.

What Must We Do to Please God?

There are certain things that he hates, and other things that he loves.

How Can You Show Loyalty to Jehovah?

The desire to be loyal will affect the decisions you make.