Ruth 3:1-18

3  And her mother-in-law Naʽomi said to her “Daughter, I am to look for a resting-place for you—isn’t that right?—that will be good for you. 2  And now Boʽaz, whose girls you have been with, is our relative, you know. Here will he be winnowing the barley threshing-floor tonight; 3  take a bath and oil yourself and dress and go down to the threshing-floor; do not disclose yourself to the man till he has finished eating and drinking; 4  and when he lies down find out the place where he lies and come and lift the blanket at his feet and lie down, and he will tell you what you are to do.” 5  And she said to her “I will do just as you say,” 6  and went down to the threshing-floor and did just as her mother-in-law had charged her to. 7  And Boʽaz ate and drank and was feeling well, and came to lie down at the edge of the heap of grain, and she came quietly and lifted the blanket at his feet and lay down. 8  And at midnight the man was startled and rolled over and found there was a woman lying at his feet; 9  and he said “Who are you?” and she said “I am your servant Ruth; spread the flap of your cloak over your servant, because you are next of kin.” 10  And he said “Blessed be you of Jehovah, daughter; you have shown a better friendship last than first, not going after the young men, rich or poor. 11  And now, daughter, do not be afraid: I will do for you just as you say, because all the gate of my people knows you are a worthy woman. 12  But now the thing is, I certainly am a next of kin, but there is also a next of kin closer than I am. 13  Stay through the night, and in the morning if he will act as next of kin to you, all right, let him; but if he is not disposed to, then I will do it, as Jehovah lives. Lie still till morning.” 14  And she lay at his feet till morning, and stood up before one man could recognize another; and he thought “It must not be known that the woman had come to the threshing-floor,” 15 * and said “Let’s have the shawl you have on; hold on to it”; and she held on to it, and he measured out six of barley and set it on her, and went into the city. 16 * And she came to her mother-in-law, and she said “How did you come out, daughter?” and she told her everything that the man had done with her, 17  and said “He gave me these six of barley, because he said ‘Do not come to your mother-in-law empty-handed.’” 18 * And she said “Stay here, daughter, till you know how things will go, because the man will not stop without finishing the business today.”


3:15 six of barley probably means about two bushels
3:16 Lit. Who are you, daughter
3:18 Lit. things will fall