John 7:1-53

7  And after this Jesus went about in Galilee; for he would not go about in Judea because the Jews were trying to kill him. 2  And the Jews’ Feast of Booths was near; 3  so his brothers said to him “Get away from here and go to Judea so that your disciples too will see your deeds that you do; 4  for nobody does anything in secret and tries to be personally a public figure. If you are doing these things, make yourself visible to the world.” 5  For even his brothers did not believe in him. 6  So Jesus said to them “My time is not come yet, but your time is always ready. 7  The world cannot hate you; but me it does hate, because I testify about it that its doings are bad. 8  Go up to the feast yourselves; I am not going up to this feast yet, because my time is not fully come.” 9  And, saying this to them, he stayed in Galilee. 10  But when his brothers had gone up to the feast, he too went up, not openly but as it were in secret. 11  So the Jews looked for him at the feast and said “Where is he?” 12  and there was a great deal of complaining about him in the crowds—some said “He is good,” others said “No, he misleads the crowd.” 13  However, nobody spoke publicly of him for fear of the Jews. 14  But when the feast was already at its middle Jesus went up to the temple-precinct and taught. 15  So the Jews wondered, saying “How is it this man knows books without having learned?” 16  So Jesus replied to them “My teaching is not mine, but his who sent me; 17  if one wants to do his will he will know about the teaching, whether it is from God or I am speaking from myself. 18  He who speaks from himself aims at his own glory; but he who aims at the glory of the one who sent him, he is true and there is no wrong in him. 19  Did not Moses give you the law? and no one of you lives up to the law. Why are you trying to kill me?” 20  The crowd answered “You are possessed; who is trying to kill you?” 21 * Jesus replied to them “I did one deed and you are all wondering because of that. 22  Moses has given you circumcision (not that it is from Moses, but from the fathers), and on the sabbath you circumcise a man. 23  If a man receives circumcision on the sabbath in order that Moses’s law may not be slighted, are you exasperated with me because I made a whole man well on the sabbath? 24  Do not judge by appearances, but pass the just judgment.” 25  So some of the Jerusalemites said “Why, this is the one they are trying to kill; 26  and here he is speaking publicly and they are saying nothing to him—can it be that the rulers have positively found out that this is the Messiah? 27  But we know where this man is from; but when the Messiah comes nobody knows where he is from.” 28  So Jesus, as he was teaching in the temple-precinct, cried out “You both know me and know where I am from; and I have not come of myself, but the one who sent me is genuine—whom you do not know; 29  I know him, because I am from him and he sent me.” 30  So they meant to arrest him—and nobody laid a hand on him, because his hour had not come yet. 31  And of the crowd many believed in him and said “Will the Messiah, when he comes, do more tokens than this man has?” 32  The Pharisees heard the crowd voicing these thoughts about him, and the chief priests and the Pharisees sent officers to arrest him. 33  So Jesus said “I am to be with you a little while longer and go to the one that sent me; 34  you will look for me and not find me, and where I am you cannot come.” 35 ** So the Jews said to each other “Where is the man going, that we shall not find him? is he going to the colonies among the Greeks to teach the Greeks? 36 * What is the idea of that that he said, ‘You will look for me and not find me, and where I am you cannot come’?” 37  And on the last day, the great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out “If anybody is thirsty, come to me and drink. 38  He who believes in me will, as the text said, have rivers of living water flowing out of his body.” 39  And this he said with reference to the Spirit which those who believed in him were to receive; for there was not yet any Spirit, because Jesus was not glorified yet. 40  So some of the crowd, hearing these words, said “This positively is the prophet.” 41  Others said “This is the Messiah”; but they said “Why, is the Messiah coming out of Galilee? 42  didn’t the text say the Messiah is to come of David’s blood, and from Bethlehem, the village where David was?” 43  So there came to be a split in the crowd over him; 44  and some of them wanted to arrest him, but nobody laid hands on him. 45  So the officers came to the chief priests and Pharisees, and these said to them “Why did you not bring him?” 46 * The officers answered “No man ever spoke as this man speaks.” 47  So the Pharisees answered them “Are you misled too? 48  has any one of the rulers believed on him, or of the Pharisees? 49  but this crowd that do not know the law have a curse on them.” 50  Nicodemus, he who had come to him before, said to them, being one of them, 51  “Does your law pass judgment on a man without having first heard him and found out what he is doing?” 52  They replied to him “Are you too from Galilee? Look up and see that there does not arise a prophet from Galilee.” John 7:53 and John 8:1-11 are printed at the end of John. STORY OF A WOMAN CAUGHT IN ADULTERY Not a part of any of the four gospels, but regarded as genuine gospel history. The verses are numbered as part of the seventh and eighth chapters of John. 53  And they went their ways, each to his home.


7:21 Or wondering. As to that, Moses has
7:35 Lit. is the man going to go
7:35 Lit. going to go to the colonies among the Greeks and teach
7:36 Lit. that sentence that he said
7:46 Var. spoke like that.” Var. spoke as this man does.”