2 Timothy 2:1-26

2  So for your part, my child, be valiant in the grace that there is in Christ Jesus; 2 * and what you heard from me with many witnesses, those things commit to trustworthy men who shall be competent in turn to teach others. 3  Take your share of hardships like a good soldier of Christ Jesus. 4 * Everybody in military service keeps clear of entanglement in the businesses of daily life so as to satisfy the one who enlisted him. 5 * Or if one goes into an athletic contest either, he gets no wreath unless he contends according to the rules. 6  The hardworking husbandman has to be the first to enjoy a part of the crop. 7  Note what I say, for the Lord will give you insight into everything. 8  Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, a descendant of David, in accordance with my preaching, 9  in which I am having hardships to the extent of imprisonment as a criminal; but God’s word is not imprisoned; 10  for this reason I hold on through everything for the sake of such as are chosen, in order that they too may come in for the salvation that there is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory. 11  The saying is a trustworthy one, “For if we died with him, so shall we live with him; 12  if we are bearing the brunt, so shall we reign with him; if we disown him, so will he disown us; 13  if we are distrustful, he remains trusty, for he cannot disown himself.” 14  Remind people of these things, admonishing them before God not to wrangle over technicalities to no useful purpose, upsetting the listeners. 15  Make a point of presenting yourself to God tried and true, a worker with nothing to be ashamed of, keeping the straight line of the word of truth; 16  but stand away from outpourings of unsanctified nonsense; for they will go further in irreligiousness, 17  and their talk will spread like a gangrene,—among whom are Hymenaeus and Philetus, 18 * who missed the mark of truth, saying that there has already been a resurrection, and are wrecking some people’s faith. 19 * However, God’s solid foundation still stands, having this seal, “The Lord knows the ones that belong to him” and “Let everybody who names the Lord’s name keep clear of wrong.” 20  And in a great house there is not only gold and silver ware but also woodenware and crockery, and some pieces destined for honor, some for ignominy; 21  so if one cleans himself out from these things he will be a piece for honor, consecrated, useful to the owner, prepared for every good work. 22 * But tear yourself away from the desires of youth, and aim at righteousness, faith, love, peace, with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. 23 ** But try to keep out of foolish and half-educated arguments, knowing that they breed quarrels; 24  and a servant of the Lord’s must not quarrel but be gentle toward everybody, a good teacher, a man to put up with hard treatment, 25  educating opponents by mild methods in case God should give them repentance into recognition of the truth 26 * and they should sober up out of the Devil’s trap, captured by him, into His will.


2:2 Lit. competent also to
2:4 Lit. Nobody in military service gets entangled in the businesses of life
2:5 Lit. And if one goes into an athletic contest too
2:18 Lit. missed the mark about the truth
2:19 Lit. God’s solid foundation stands
2:22 Var. with all those who
2:23 Lit. ask to be excused from foolish and uneducated arguments
2:23-24 Lit. breed fights; and a servant of the Lord’s must not fight
2:26 Or the backbiter’s trap