Philemon 1:1-25

 Paul, a prisoner+ for the sake of Christ Jesus,* and Timothy,+ [our] brother, to Phi·leʹmon,* our beloved one and fellow worker,+  and to Apʹphi·a, our sister, and to Ar·chipʹpus,+ our fellow soldier,+ and to the congregation that is in your house:+  May YOU people have undeserved kindness and peace from God our Father and [the] Lord Jesus Christ.+  I always thank my God when I make mention of you in my prayers,+  as I keep hearing of your love and faith which you have toward the Lord Jesus and toward all the holy ones;+  in order that the sharing of your faith+ may go into action* by your acknowledging* of every good thing among us as related to Christ.  For I got much joy and comfort over your love,+ because the tender affections* of the holy ones have been refreshed+ through you, brother.  For this very reason, though I have great freeness of speech* in connection with Christ to order+ you to do what is proper,  I am exhorting* you rather on the basis of love,+ seeing that I am such as I am, Paul an aged man,* yes, now also a prisoner+ for the sake of Christ Jesus; 10  I am exhorting you concerning my child,+ to whom I became a father+ while in my [prison] bonds, O·nesʹi·mus,*+ 11  formerly useless to you but now useful to you and to me.+ 12  This very one I am sending back to you, yes, him, that is, my own tender affections.*+ 13  I would like to hold him back for myself that in place of you+ he might keep on ministering* to me in the [prison] bonds+ I bear for the sake of the good news.* 14  But without your consent I do not want to do anything, so that your good act may be, not as under compulsion,* but of your own free will.*+ 15  Perhaps really on this account he broke away for an hour, that you may have him back forever, 16  no longer as a slave+ but as more than a slave,+ as a brother beloved,+ especially so to me, yet how much more so to you both in fleshly relationship and in [the] Lord. 17  If, therefore, you consider me a sharer,+ receive+ him kindly the way you would me. 18  Moreover, if he did you any wrong or owes you anything, keep this charged to my account.* 19  I Paul am writing with my own hand:+ I will pay it back—not to be telling you that, besides, you owe me even yourself. 20  Yes, brother, may I derive profit from you in connection with [the] Lord: refresh my tender affections+ in connection with Christ. 21  Trusting in your compliance,* I am writing you, knowing you will even do more than the things I say.+ 22  But along with that, also get lodging+ ready for me, for I am hoping that through the prayers+ of YOU people I shall be set at liberty+ for YOU. 23  Sending you greetings is Epʹa·phras+ my fellow captive in union with Christ, 24  [also] Mark, Ar·is·tarʹchus,+ Deʹmas,+ Luke, my fellow workers. 25  The undeserved kindness of the Lord Jesus Christ [be] with the spirit YOU people [show].*+


“To Philemon.” Gr., Phi·leʹmo·ni, meaning “Loving.”
Or, “a prisoner of Christ Jesus.”
“May go into action.” Lit., “might become operative within.”
“By your acknowledging.” Lit., “in accurate knowledge.”
“The tender affections.” Lit., “the bowels.”
Lit., “outspokenness.”
Lit., “I am encouraging.”
Or, “an ambassador.”
“Onesimus,” meaning “Profitable.”
See vs 7 ftn.
Lit., “he may serve.”
Or, “in the bonds of the good news.”
Lit., “necessity.”
Lit., “but according to what is voluntary.”
Lit., “to me be you setting to account.”
Lit., “obedience.”
Lit., “with your spirit.”