Colossians 2:1-23

2  For I want YOU to realize how great a struggle+ I am having in behalf of YOU and of those at La·o·di·ceʹa+ and of all those who have not seen my face in the flesh,  that their hearts may be comforted,+ that they may be harmoniously joined together in love+ and with a view to all the riches of the full assurance of [their] understanding,+ with a view to an accurate knowledge of the sacred secret of God, namely, Christ.*+  Carefully concealed in him are all the treasures of wisdom and of knowledge.+  This I am saying that no man may delude* YOU with persuasive arguments.+  For though I am absent in the flesh, all the same I am with YOU in the spirit,+ rejoicing and beholding YOUR good order+ and the firmness of YOUR faith+ toward Christ.  Therefore, as YOU have accepted Christ Jesus the Lord, go on walking in union+ with him,  rooted+ and being built up+ in him and being stabilized in the faith,+ just as YOU were taught, overflowing with [faith]* in thanksgiving.+  Look out: perhaps there may be someone who will carry+ YOU off as his prey through the philosophy+ and empty deception*+ according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary+ things of the world and not according to Christ;  because it is in him that all the fullness+ of the divine+ quality*+ dwells bodily. 10  And so YOU are possessed of a fullness by means of him, who is the head of all government and authority.+ 11  By relationship+ with him YOU were also circumcised+ with a circumcision performed without hands by the stripping off the body of the flesh,+ by the circumcision that belongs to the Christ, 12  for YOU were buried with him in [his]* baptism,+ and by relationship with him YOU were also raised+ up together through [YOUR] faith+ in the operation+ of God, who raised him up from the dead.+ 13  Furthermore, though YOU were dead in YOUR trespasses and in the uncircumcised state of YOUR flesh, [God]* made YOU alive together with him.+ He kindly forgave us all our trespasses+ 14  and blotted+ out* the handwritten document*+ against us, which consisted of decrees+ and which was in opposition to us;+ and He has taken it out of the way by nailing+ it to the torture stake.*+ 15  Stripping the governments and the authorities+ bare, he exhibited* them in open public as conquered,+ leading them in a triumphal procession+ by means of it.* 16  Therefore let no man judge+ YOU in eating and drinking+ or in respect of a festival+ or of an observance of the new moon+ or of a sabbath;*+ 17  for those things are a shadow+ of the things to come, but the reality*+ belongs to the Christ.+ 18  Let no man deprive+ YOU of the prize+ who takes delight in a [mock] humility* and a form of worship* of the angels, “taking his stand on”* the things he has seen, puffed up without proper cause by his fleshly frame of mind, 19  whereas he is not holding fast to the head,+ to the one from whom all the body, being supplied and harmoniously joined together+ by means of its joints and ligaments, goes on growing with the growth that God gives.+ 20  If YOU died+ together with Christ toward the elementary+ things of the world,+ why do YOU, as if living in the world, further subject yourselves to the decrees:+ 21  “Do not handle, nor taste,+ nor touch,”+ 22  respecting things that are all destined to destruction by being used up, in accordance with the commands and teachings of men?+ 23  Those very things are, indeed, possessed of an appearance of wisdom in a self-imposed form of worship* and [mock] humility, a severe treatment of the body;+ but they are of no value in combating the satisfying of the flesh.+


“Of the God of Christ,” P46B; א*AVg, “of God the Father of (the) Christ (Jesus).”
Or, “cheat.”
“Overflowing in it,” BSyh,pArm; א*AVg, “overflowing.”
Lit., “seduction.”
“Divine quality.” Lit., “godship.” Gr., the·oʹte·tos; Lat., di·vi·ni·taʹtis.
Lit., “the.”
Lit., “he.”
See App 5C.
Or, “covenant.”
Lit., “having wiped out.”
Or, “him.” Gr., au·toiʹ, dative, sing.
Lit., “he made show of.”
Or, “of sabbaths.”
Or, “substance.” Lit., “body.” Gr., soʹma; Lat., corʹpus.
Lit., “lowly-mindedness.”
“Form of worship.” Lat., re·li·gi·oʹne, “religion.”
Quoted from the initiation rites of pagan mysteries.
Lit., “self-willed form of worship.” Gr., e·the·lo·thre·skiʹai; Lat., su·per·sti·ti·oʹne, “superstition.”