1 Peter 5:1-14

5  Therefore, to the older men* among YOU I give this exhortation, for I too am an older man+ with [them]* and a witness+ of the sufferings of the Christ, a sharer even of the glory that is to be revealed:+  Shepherd+ the flock of God+ in YOUR care, not under compulsion,* but willingly;*+ neither for love of dishonest gain,+ but eagerly;  neither as lording+ it over those who are God’s* inheritance,*+ but becoming examples to the flock.+  And when the chief shepherd+ has been made manifest, YOU will receive* the unfadable+ crown of glory.+  In like manner, YOU younger men, be in subjection+ to the older men. But all of YOU gird yourselves with lowliness of mind toward one another,+ because God opposes the haughty ones, but he gives undeserved kindness to the humble ones.+  Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt YOU in due time;+  while YOU throw all YOUR anxiety+ upon him, because he cares for YOU.+  Keep YOUR senses, be watchful.+ YOUR adversary, the Devil, walks about like a roaring lion, seeking to devour* [someone].+  But take YOUR stand against him,+ solid in the faith, knowing that the same things in the way of sufferings are being accomplished in the entire association of YOUR brothers* in the world.+ 10  But, after YOU have suffered a little while,+ the God of all undeserved kindness, who called YOU to his everlasting glory+ in union+ with Christ, will himself finish YOUR training, he will make YOU firm,+ he will make YOU strong.+ 11  To him be the might+ forever. Amen. 12  Through Sil·vaʹnus,*+ a faithful brother, as I account him, I have written YOU in few [words],+ to give encouragement and an earnest witness that this is the true undeserved kindness of God; in which stand firm.+ 13  She who is in Babylon,*+ a chosen one like [YOU], sends YOU her greetings, and so does Mark+ my son. 14  Greet one another with a kiss of love.+ May all of YOU who are in union with Christ have peace.+


“Older man with [them].” Lit., “fellow elder.” Gr., syn·pre·sbyʹte·ros.
Or, “elders.” Gr., pre·sby·teʹrous.
Lit., “not necessarily.”
Lit., “yieldingly.”
Or, “lording it over those allotted to you.”
Lit., “the.” J13,​14,​17,​18, “Jehovah’s.”
Or, “carry away as a prize.”
Lit., “to drink down.”
“Entire association of . . . brothers.” Lit., “brotherhood.” Gr., a·del·phoʹte·ti.
Or, “Silas.”
“Babylon.” Gr., Ba·by·loʹni; J17,​22(Heb.), ­beVa·velʹ, “in Babylon.”