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Who Is Jesus?

Is Jesus Almighty God?

What did Jesus say about his position in relation to God?

Why Is Jesus Called the Son of God?

If God did not father Jesus in the same way that humans produce children, how is Jesus God’s Son?

Jesus’ Life on Earth

When Was Jesus Born?

Find out why Christmas is celebrated on December 25.

The Virgin Mary​—What Does the Bible Say About Her?

Some claim that Jesus’ virgin birth was the Immaculate Conception. Does the Bible support this teaching?

What Did Jesus Look Like?

The Bible gives us an idea of his general appearance.

Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

Did Jesus Die on a Cross?

Many people view the cross as a symbol of Christianity. Should we use it in worship?

Jesus’ Role in God’s Purpose

Jesus Saves​—How?

Why do we need Jesus to plead for us? Is belief in Jesus all that we need to be saved?

Is Belief in Jesus Enough for Salvation?

The Bible describes some who believe in Jesus but who will not be saved. How can that be?

How Is Jesus’ Sacrifice “a Ransom for Many”?

How does the ransom provide redemption from sin?

Why Pray in Jesus’ Name?

Consider how praying in Jesus’ name honors God, and how it shows respect for Jesus.