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Who Is God?

Does God Exist?

The Bible answers with five compelling lines of evidence.

Is God an Impersonal Force?

The Bible says God created all things, but does he care about us?

Does God Live in a Specific Location?

What does the Bible say about where God lives? Is Jesus in the same place?

Has Anyone Ever Seen God?

Does the Bible contradict itself when it says in one place that “no man has seen God,” and in another place that Moses “saw the God of Israel”?

Is the Trinity Doctrine in the Bible?

Many religions teach that God is a Trinity. Is that what the Bible teaches?

Does God Change His Mind?

Does the Bible contradict itself when it quotes God as saying, “I do not change” and, “I will change my mind”?

What Is the Holy Spirit?

For good reason, the Bible refers to the holy spirit as God’s “hands.”

God’s Name

Does God Have a Name?

Many Bible translations contain God’s personal name. Should you use it?

Is God’s Name Jesus?

Jesus never identified himself as Almighty God. Why not?

Who Is Jehovah?

Is he the God of just one people, such as the Israelites?

God’s Will

What Is the Will of God for My Life?

Do you need a special sign or calling to know God’s will? Find out the Bible’s answer.

What Does the Bible Say About Free Will? Is God in Control?

Many believe their lives are controlled by fate. Do our choices have a bearing on our success in life?

How Can You Know God Personally?

Seven steps can help you to build a friendship with Him.

Is God to Blame for Our Suffering?

Suffering can afflict anyone—even those who are favored by God. Why?