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Jehovah’s Witnesses



This issue contains the study articles for November 30 to December 27, 2015.

Do You See God’s Hand in Your Life?

What does the Bible refer to when it speaks of God’s “hand”?

“Give Us More Faith”

Can faith be developed by willpower alone?

Serve Jehovah Without Distraction

Almost 60 years ago, The Watchtower made a prediction that has proven to be amazingly accurate.

Keep Meditating on Spiritual Things

Can you continue to be spiritually nourished if you are deprived of a Bible?

“Keep Holding Men of That Sort Dear”

Who are the helpers to the Governing Body committees? What do they do?


Drawing Near to God Has Been Good for Me

At nine years of age, Sarah Maiga stopped growing physically, but not spiritually.

“The Naive Person Believes Every Word”

How can you identify hoaxes, urban legends, swindles, and other misinformation that you might receive?