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Jehovah’s Witnesses

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This issue contains the study articles for April 6 to May 3, 2015.

Imitate Jesus’ Humility and Tenderness

1 Peter 2:21 directs us to follow the steps of Jesus closely. Although we are imperfect, how can we imitate the humility and tenderness of Jesus?

Imitate Jesus’ Courage and Discernment

By means of what is recorded in the Bible, we learn what Jesus is like. Consider how we can follow his steps closely when it comes to imitating his courage and discernment.

Preparing the Nations for “the Teaching of Jehovah”

How successful were early Christians in preaching the good news? What may have made the preaching work easier in the first century than it would have been during other periods of history?

Jehovah Guides Our Global Teaching Work

What has happened in recent times that has allowed Jehovah’s servants to preach the good news effectively earth wide?

A Surprise Gift for Japan

A new book entitled “The Bible—The Gospel According to Matthew” was released in Japan. What features does it have? Why was it prepared?

Maintain Your Zeal for the Ministry

We know that declaring the good news is the most important work we can do today. How can we maintain and even increase our zeal for the Christian ministry?