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How Does God View War?

The Bible’s answer may surprise you.

How Does God View War?

Long ago, God told his people to make war. Later, Jesus taught people to love their enemies. What changed?

God’s View of War in the Ancient Past

Three key factors distinguished wars that God authorized.

God’s View of War in the First Century

Although God’s view of war remained the same, a critical event proved that something had changed.

God’s View of War Today

God will soon bring a war that will end all wars.

Did You Know?

Why did Joseph shave before seeing Pharaoh? When the Bible says that Timothy’s father was “a Greek,” does it mean that he was born in Greece?

I Thought That I Was Living My Life to the Full

Pawel Pyzara was pursuing violence, drugs, and a law degree—all at the same time. A turning point came when he started a fight with eight men.

“My Beloved and Faithful Child in the Lord”

What helped transform Timothy from a shy youth to an outstanding Christian overseer?

Bible Questions Answered

If the dead will be raised up, where will they live?

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The word Armageddon appears only once in the Bible, but the battle it refers to is discussed throughout the Scriptures.