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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Does It Do Any Good to Pray?

One writer said that prayer is “like talking to your pet fish.” Is that really so?

Why Do People Pray?

You might be surprised at the things people pray for.

Is Anyone Listening?

For a prayer to be heard, it must contain two key elements.

Why God Invites Us to Pray

It opens the way to benefits that we cannot gain by any other means.

Prayer—What It Can Do for You

What can you expect if you make prayer a regular part of your life?

Did You Know?

What challenges did Herod face in rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem? Why did the people of Malta think that the apostle Paul was a murderer?

I Now Feel That I Can Help Others

Julio Corio suffered a tragic accident and felt that God did not care. The scripture at Exodus 3:7 helped change his view.

Can We Really Find God?

Aspects of God that are beyond comprehension can actually help you to know him better.

Forgive Freely

In order to forgive, must we minimize or even ignore how much we have been hurt?

Bible Questions Answered

Who can eliminate poverty?

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Is Halloween a harmless diversion or something else?