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Is the End Near?

When you hear the words, “The end is near!” what comes to mind? Does what you picture cause you concern?

“The End”—What Does it Mean?

Did you know that what the Bible says about “the end” is actually good news?

Is the End Near?

Consider four features of a composite sign of the end described in the Bible that provide the answer.

Many Will Survive the End—You Can Too

But how? By stockpiling supplies or making other physical preparations for a doomsday?

Did You Know?

Does archaeology support the Bible record? When did lions disappear from Bible lands?

I Learned That Jehovah Is Merciful and Forgiving

For Normand Pelletier, defrauding people was like a drug. But he was brought to tears by reading one verse from the Bible.

“Am I in the Place of God?”

Has your family ever experienced jealousy, betrayal, or hatred? If so, the Bible’s account of Joseph can help you.

Bible Questions Answered

Why will Judgment Day last 1,000 years?

More Online Features

What Will God’s Kingdom Accomplish?

Learn what you can expect when God’s government rules over the earth.