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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Jesus Saves—From What?

Does he save us from the Devil, from the wrath of God, or from something else?

Why We Need to Be Saved

Would a loving God create in us a desire to live forever yet make that desire impossible to fulfill?

Jesus’ Death and Resurrection—What They Can Mean for You

Six basic Bible truths explain how the death of one man can bring life to many.

Jesus’ Death Commemorated—When and Where?

In 2015, the Memorial of Jesus’ death falls on Friday, April 3, after sundown.

Is Easter Really a Christian Celebration?

What do scholars of history say about this popular holiday?

Jairo’s Eyes—His Way to Serve God

Despite being afflicted with the most severe form of cerebral palsy, Jairo enjoys a happy and meaningful life.

Did You Know?

How was Roman citizenship an advantage for the apostle Paul? How were shepherds paid in Bible times?

Gifts Fit for a King

Although these commodities may be common today, in Bible times some were as valuable as gold.

Bible Questions Answered

At the ceremony commemorating Jesus’ death, who should partake of the bread and wine?

More Online Features

Should We Worship Images?

Does God care if we use images or idols in our worship?