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Jehovah’s Witnesses



You Can Be Close to God

Does God seem distant or aloof to you? Have you wondered whether it is possible to have a friendship with God?

Do You Feel Close to God?

Millions of people are convinced that God views them as his friends.

Do You Know and Use God’s Name?

God has, in effect, introduced himself to us by saying: “I am Jehovah. That is my name.”

Do You Communicate With God?

We talk to God in prayer, but how can we listen to him?

Do You Do What God Asks?

Obeying God is vital, yet something more is needed to gain his friendship.

There Is No Better Way of Life

Three steps can lead you to a close friendship with God.

Timgad—A Buried City Reveals Its Secrets

The ancient Romans used a subtle scheme to make peace with nomadic tribes of North Africa.

What Are the Facts About Christmas?

The roots of Christmas traditions may surprise you.

“The Insight of a Man Certainly Slows Down His Anger”

An episode in the life of David, king of Israel, can help you control your emotions when you are offended or provoked.

Should I Borrow Money?

The Bible’s wisdom can help you to decide.

Bible Questions Answered

How can you reach your child’s heart with the Bible’s message?

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Is God an Impersonal Force?

The Bible says God created all things, but does he care about us?