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THE WATCHTOWER June 2014 | God’s View of Smoking

Knowing what He thinks could help you to quit.


A Global Epidemic

Why does it continue despite unprecedented efforts to fight it?


What Is God’s View of Smoking?

The Bible never mentions tobacco, so how can we know?

Have You Tasted the Bread of Life?

Why did Jesus say that he was the bread of life and the bread from heaven?

What Hope for My Ancestors?

The Bible says that God will raise from the dead even unrighteous people. Why would he do that?

Three 16th-Century Truth Seekers​—What Did They Find?

Capito, Cellarius, and Campanus all did something that put them at odds with both the Catholic Church and the Reformation.

Bible Questions Answered

Will earth’s purpose be accomplished?

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Is God to Blame for Our Suffering?

Suffering can afflict anyone—even those who are favored by God. Why?