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THE WATCHTOWER March 2014 | What God Has Done for You

God gives us life and what we need to enjoy life, but is that all?


What God Has Done for You

The divine principle “life for life” helps explain why God “gave his only begotten Son.”


An Occasion You Should Not Miss

Please join us as we observe the Memorial of Jesus’ death.


Finding Strength Out of Weakness

A wheelchair-bound woman gains “power beyond what is normal” through her faith.

Interfaith​—Is It God’s Way?

Should harmony and brotherhood be sought at any cost? The Bible’s answer may surprise you.

Making Known the Word of God in Medieval Spain

What do school pupils copying Scriptures onto pieces of slate have in common with Bible smugglers?

Bible Questions Answered

The sin of the first man, Adam, and the death of Jesus are closely connected. How?

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