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THE WATCHTOWER June 2013 | A World Without Prejudice—When?

Only God can provide a complete and permanent end to prejudice. How and when will he do this?


Prejudice—A Global Problem

What is prejudice? Why can it be called a very personal issue with a global face?


A World Without Prejudice—When?

Real-life cases show how the Bible is already helping people to overcome prejudice. When will it be completely eliminated?


Jehovah “Is Not Partial”

God listens to the prayers of his worshippers regardless of their race, nationality, or social standing. How do we know that?

A Treasure Hidden for Centuries

Learn how the oldest known translation of the Bible in the Georgian language was discovered.

Should We Pray to Saints?

The Scriptural view of prayer to saints involves the answer to the question: Should you be afraid to approach God?


What Can We Learn From a Criminal?

When Jesus was about to die, he promised life in Paradise to a dying criminal. What did Jesus mean, and what will that Paradise be like?

Bible Questions Answered

Despite the sincere effort of many, humans have not been able to achieve world peace. Learn why.

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