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A Meaningful Life Is Possible

Our Creator wants us to find real meaning in life. What can help us to do so?

Is a Meaningful Life Really Possible?

Especially when facing trouble or sorrow, we have a desperate need to know whether a meaningful life is really possible.

Jesus—The Key to a Meaningful Life

Consider four aspects of Jesus’ life that gave it real meaning.

A Meaningful Life—Jesus Shows the Way

Real-life examples show how applying Jesus’ words from the Sermon on the Mount can contribute to a meaningful life.

“My Behavior Was Brutal”

Despite his success in the music industry, Esa knew that his life lacked meaning. Find out how this heavy-metal musician found true happiness.

Did You Know?

Why was ancient Nineveh called “the city of bloodshed”? Why did the ancient Jews build parapets around their rooftops?

“Keep On Asking, and It Will Be Given You”

Examine two of Jesus’ illustrations in Luke chapter 11 that explain how you can be sure your prayers are heard by God.

He “Walked With the True God”

What can we learn from Noah, his wife, and their family?

Bible Questions Answered

Jehovah God wants you to know the truth. He will help you to understand the Scriptures.

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What Is a Bible Study?

Get answers to questions about our free Bible study program.